USC Activate's Refund Policy and Conditions 

Refund Policy

USC Activate’s trip purchases and membership costs are non-refundable. Trip costs cannot be refunded once paid in full regardless of if you decide to cancel. Likewise the amount of membership (6 months or 12 months) you purchased is yours for the duration of the subscription from when paid.

In the event that you decide not to attend a trip it is your responsibility to arrange a substitute to take your position or incur the financial loss of not attending. Activate encourages its members to be proactive in their engagement with the club and to exercise accountability for their decisions.

Should you need to withdraw from a trip please do the following:

1)   Find a substitute to take your position;*

2)   Contact us through the FB community page or to notify the club of your decision to withdraw from the trip.

NOTE it is your responsibility to arrange the transfer of payment for the trip with your substitute. USC Activate takes no role in the personal exchange of money between members.

*Should you decide not to seek a substitute and incur the financial loss then simply contact us regarding your cancellation.

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