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USC Activate Member Agreement

These Terms and Conditions are in place for your safety and that of the equipment. If adhered to, they will ensure the quality of the equipment for its life expectancy and subsequently yours. Outdoor activities including rock climbing can be a dangerous and safety practices must be followed at all times. Outdoor activities should only be undertaken with proper training, experience, and skill in regard to both your safety and the use of equipment.

1. Safety.

To ensure that you have a satisfactory level of safety knowledge and skills in accordance with the rules of this club please see a club executive for instruction. 1.1 All club members are to undergo safety instruction and display a sufficient level of competency, before any unsupervised activities. 1.2 All reasonable safety instructions from executive members of the club must be followed. Failure to do so will result in exclusion from the activity until the member is deemed capable and satisfies the rules of the club. Climbing 1.3 Always double check that all knots in a climbing system are tied and harnesses are worn properly and that all other safety equipment is used properly as instructed. 1.4 The climber in charge of setting up climbs must be responsible and of sufficient competency. 1.5 Where possible try to keep the ropes (or tape) away from sharp edges and points of great friction as this will result in considerable wear, very quickly. 1.6 Always check your own equipment for correct use. Always look out for the dangers and omissions of fellow club members and correct them, regardless of whom they are. 1.7 Helmets have been provided for your safety and should always be worn when participating in climbing, abseiling, and belaying or associated activities. Helmets must be worn if instructed to do so by a club executive or an appointed representative.

2. Equipment.

Maintenance of equipment is critical for the safety of club member's and equipment longevity. 2.1 All club members will be instructed in the use, maintenance and storage of the equipment, if you have not received this yet please see a club executive. 2.2 All climbing metals are to be passed at ground level. DO NOT drop or throw them. 2.3 DO NOT stand on the ropes. 2.4 Club members are responsible for the replacement of all lost or intentionally abused/damaged equipment that has been lent out to them in their care. 2.5 Lead gear will not be lent until it has been proven that the borrower has acquired a sufficient level of lead competency to ensure the safety of themselves and others. 2.6 Always use a ground sheet at the belay point where possible, to protect the rope from dirt. 2.7 Any equipment found to be damage should be reported to an executive straight away (you will not be held accountable for finding/reporting damaged gear) It is for your own safety and the safety of others that it is.

3. Consequences.

Failure to comply with any of the above rules will endanger yourself and other members. 3.1 The USC Activate executives or their nominees will deal with omissions, oversights, accidents or breaches of the rules appropriately in a manor best seen fit.

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