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    • 24 Jul 2017
    • 30 Oct 2017
    • 15 sessions
    • 1/37 Premier Circuit, Warana

    Come on down to Rockit Indoor Climbing Gym on Monday Nights for Rockit's Student Night (Cheaper Entry for students with showing of student ID).

    This is a social event that will be held every week, as a way to try and make the horrible Mondays better by blowing of some steam, stress and hopefully crushing some projects.

    There is no registration or committing, just drop in and climb with some people looking to do the same.

    Check out the Facebook Community board or Activate's Rock Climbers board (Link in pinned post on community board) for any questions, car pooling or belay buddy finding.

    For prices, check out Rockit on facebook here:

    or their website here:

    Our Facebook event reminder here:

    • 26 Jul 2017
    • 7:00 PM

    Social night for Week 1 will be at the always eventful Solbar open mic night on Ocean street.
    There is $10 pizza and some great and sometimes ok and sometimes some just OH God what did i just see kind of music..... But always a good time.
    Come along relax and be social.

    No need to sign up just come along :D

    • 28 Jul 2017
    • 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
    • University of Sunshine Coast

    Come learn about Activate's scuba diving, snorkelling and free diving opportunities and how to get involved in more affordable diving. 

    Proposed trips, dives and courses will also be discussed and penciled in for the coming semester, so if you want to suggest any please make sure to come or let me know in advance. 

    Discussion about integrating into reef check, coral watch, project aware (divers against debris) will also be raised.

    The Sunshine Coast and surrounding area has AMAZING dive sites and reefs. Come explore them with us and do other good things good too.

    Pizza (afternoon tea/early dinner) is provided as well.

    You will find us down at the BBQ undercover area at the back of the uni near the lakes and student accommodation Shouldn't be too cold but maybe bring a jacket.

    Facebook event here:

    No registration required for this event.

    • 29 Jul 2017
    • 7:30 AM
    • 30 Jul 2017
    • 8:00 PM
    • Inskip Point Recreation Area

    Registration to OPEN Tuesday Week 1 6pm (25th July)

    Drivers please comment availability here:


    Its time to get excited as its a new semester and *hopefully* winter is coming! or going! Definitely Going (Stupid Game of thrones all confusing me).

    So ignoring the confusion we are heading to the beach or more precisely Inskip Recreation Point which is approximately 2 hours from the Uni in a north direction. A beautiful spot on the beach to slackline, swim, hammock and chill out after a rough first week of study. 

    We can venture out during the days to visit a sand-blow at Rainbow Beach, Seary's creek, Poona Lake and more. 

    To all drivers out there please note that you will be fully reimbursed for the fuel used on this trip. We greatly appreciate people helping out by driving so all wiling drivers are automatically guaranteed a place on this trip.

    Things to know before signing up to the trip...


    Vegetarian dinner for Saturday night, some sleeping-mats, some hammocks and tents.


    Lunch, breakfast and snacks, water (at least 2L/ day), plate/bowl/cutlery

    If you have a sleeping bag, tent, sleeping mat bring it:)

    Swimmers, towel, torch, sunscreen, insect repellent, hat, frisbee, balls...


    $25 per person.
    This includes fuel, camping permits and dinner.
    Only sign-up if you're sure you'll make it. You might be taking someone else's spot and we have a no-refund policy.


    Meet at 07:30 at the Guild (student club car park) on Saturday the 29th of July. We will return on Sunday 30th July sometime in the evening/night.

    *You must be a current Activate member to go on this trip so make sure you have current membership*

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    Facebook event:

    PS: Please post a comment on the event's FB page if you can drive, so more people can come (to a limit at least).

    • 09 Aug 2017
    • 5:00 PM - 9:30 PM
    • Mt. Coolum
    • 15

    Registrations OPEN Wednesday Week 2 ( 2nd August).

    Drivers please comment on facebook event here:

    Okay guys, Full moon time and us folks here at activate like to howl and go wild, so come along to spot some drop bears and climb Mt Coolum!

    Meet at the guild/Activate Container by 5pm Sharp on Thursday night and we will leave to climb mt. Coolum and have a dinner/supper/picnic on its peak looking out over the sunshine coast. It is a very easy climb but lots of stairs so be warned. 

    Due to time constraints leaving we should make sunset and moonrise but at minimum we will see it from halfway up the trail.

    Registrations are limited by drivers so please let me know if you can drive on the facebook event here so I can open more spots. Fuel will be reimbursed as normal.

     What?  Full Moon Mountain Hike  - Mt Coolum
     When?  Tuesday 8th August 5:00pm SHARP
     Where? (Meeting place)  Meet at student guild/Activate Container
     What to bring?  -Comfortable shoes
    -Food/Snacks for Michael
    -2L of water
    -Jacket/Jumper/Warm Clothes
    -Torch (IMPORTANT)
    - Camera
    -Your best howl!
     Cost?  $5 to cover fuel for your beautiful drivers.

Past events

24 Jun 2017 2017 S1 - K'Gari exploration (Fraser Island)
14 May 2017 Beach BBQ / Social Afternoon
28 Apr 2017 Stargazing from Ngungun
14 Apr 2017 Noosa Everglades Kayaking
14 Apr 2017 Open Water Diver Course (Easter weekend)
11 Apr 2017 Mt Coolum Sunset and Full Moon Hike
07 Apr 2017 Open Water Diver Course
28 Mar 2017 Rock Climbing Intro Course
26 Mar 2017 OObie OObie Creek Bash Or "Ceci n'est pas une pipe"
17 Mar 2017 Activate on Ice - Week 3 Social Night
04 Mar 2017 Welcome Camp 2017
28 Feb 2017 Beach BBQ Night! Week 1 Social Night
26 Feb 2017 Welcome 2017 Waterfall - Swim, Hike (Easy) and slackline and sunset
25 Feb 2017 Oweek - Michael's Relaxation. Wappa Falls
21 Feb 2017 2017 Semester Begins! - Chats and Drinks at Taps
19 Nov 2016 2016 S2 - K'Gari entreprise (Fraser Island)
25 Oct 2016 USC Activate Annual General Meeting
16 Oct 2016 Cedar Creek Waterfalls and Bouldering
15 Oct 2016 Snorkeling with Humpback Whales
04 Oct 2016 Escape Room
09 Sep 2016 Hurrah in Brooyah! Camping and Climbing CANCELLED REFUNDED
03 Sep 2016 Bunya NP or "Hummous Mancake's got a little secret for ya"
28 Aug 2016 Kangaroo Point Rock Climbing Afternoon/Night: Car Cuddles Optional
20 Aug 2016 Tinbeerwah rock climbing day
19 Aug 2016 Ice Skating Social Night
18 Aug 2016 Dropbear Hunting Trip! - Mount Coolum Full Moon Hike
13 Aug 2016 Welcome camp in Conondale National Park (A tad late)
10 Aug 2016 Week 3 'Madness of the Academics' Beach Night
06 Aug 2016 2016 Semester 2 - Intro to rock climbing day
01 Aug 2016 Uni Night Laser Tag Rumble!
31 Jul 2016 Mt Ngungun Rock Climbing Extravaganza!
27 Jul 2016 Week 1 Social Night - Beach Hoorah
26 Jul 2016 Tuesday Night Rock Climbing at Rockit Climbing Gym
24 Jul 2016 Welcome Hike and Slackline - Kondy Falls
22 Jul 2016 Taps Mooloolaba Trip Leader Meet and Greet
24 Jun 2016 2016 semseter 1 - Fraser Island voyage
05 Jun 2016 Paintballing
04 Jun 2016 Mudjimba Island Kayak Day Trip
21 May 2016 Social Night Week 11: Full Moon Night Hike
21 May 2016 SUP Day (Stand Up Paddle Boarding)
09 May 2016 Uni Night Laser Tag!
07 May 2016 Horse Riding Adventure
20 Apr 2016 Social night week 7 Free dinner and Ocean safety workshop/talk
16 Apr 2016 Noosa Surf School adventure
16 Apr 2016 Hurrah in Brooyah! Camping and Climbing
10 Apr 2016 Climbing Beerwah
09 Apr 2016 Mt Ngungun Rock Climbing adventure
06 Apr 2016 Movie Night Rua (2 in Fijian)
04 Apr 2016 Monday Night Rockit Climbing Gym
26 Mar 2016 Noosa Everglades Kayaking & Camping Adventure!!!
23 Mar 2016 Social Night Week 4: Mt Ngungun Full Moon Night Hike
20 Mar 2016 Introduction Kayaking Course
20 Mar 2016 The Joining of the two mountains - double Mountain climb, Mt Coolum and Mt Cooroora
12 Mar 2016 Hurrah in Brooyah!
05 Mar 2016 Welcome Camp
03 Mar 2016 Intro to rock climbing
28 Feb 2016 2016 BABY! Welcome to Activate -Kondalilla Falls/hike/swim/exploring/those trees are pretty
26 Feb 2016 USC Activate Gets Stoked and Starts A (Metaphorical) Fire, Pre-Semester Planning and Pt. Cartwright Beach Night
25 Feb 2016 Usc Guild day-Activates Slack line competition
23 Feb 2016 O-Week Stall meet up welcome thing, were awesome love us
21 Nov 2015 2015 S2 - Fraser Island voyage
02 Nov 2015 IT'S OVER BABY-hike and swim end of semester chills
25 Oct 2015 Waterfall season: Gardners falls
18 Oct 2015 Pen Island or "Mudjimba Beachhead"
11 Oct 2015 Plan A) Pen Island; Plan 2) Piper at the Gates of Dawn
10 Oct 2015 Open Water Diving or My Visit to Another Planet
05 Oct 2015 Mt Cooroora Climbing Day, or Get High, See Gympie
04 Oct 2015 Waterfall Season Open-Kondalilla Falls/hike/swim/exploring/those trees are pretty
30 Sep 2015 Gold Coast Hinterland Duo (Lamingtons optional)
26 Sep 2015 Noosa Everglades Kayaking & Camping Adventure!!!
20 Sep 2015 Maroochy kayak afternoon or Return of the Black Swan
17 Sep 2015 USC Activate AGM & BBQ
12 Sep 2015 Girls just wanna climb (Brooyar!!)
12 Sep 2015 OObie OObie Creek Bash Or "Ceci n'est pas une pipe"
30 Aug 2015 Mt Tinbeerwah Climbing Day!
25 Aug 2015 Activate Scuba Diving Information Session
23 Aug 2015 Mt Coolum Sunset Hike
16 Aug 2015 Activate's 3 Peak Challenge - Sunday Week 3
15 Aug 2015 Kayak Introduction
15 Aug 2015 Mt Ngungun Climbing adventure
08 Aug 2015 Hurrah in Brooyah!
01 Aug 2015 Semester 2 Welcome Camp
26 Jul 2015 Rockit Climbing and Movie Night
24 Jul 2015 O-week BBQ
23 Jul 2015 Start of Semester Ngungun Climbing Fiesta!
27 Jun 2015 2015 S1 - Fraser Island odyssey
06 Jun 2015 The Great Semester 2 Event Planning and Website Event Creation Event
30 May 2015 Mudjimba Island Challenge!
23 May 2015 Get ready to get wet! Mooloolaba on Kayaks!
16 May 2015 Noosa Everglades Camping and Kayaking
09 May 2015 Girls Climbing in Brooyar
18 Apr 2015 Mt Ngungun Climbing Day!
11 Apr 2015 Pumicestone Passage Kayaking
03 Apr 2015 The Sunshine Coast Great Walk
01 Apr 2015 Activate Scuba Diving Information Session
28 Mar 2015 Mt. Ninderry Hike and Mudjimba Beach Swim
21 Mar 2015 Baroon Pocket to Kondalilla Falls Bushwalk
14 Mar 2015 Introduction to Kayaking
07 Mar 2015 Activate Welcome Camp
02 Mar 2015 Noosa Boulder and Beach Day!
01 Mar 2015 Obi Obi Creek Bash
30 Aug 2014 Annual General Meeting (AGM)
01 Jun 1990 1990 Annual Meeting

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