Want to gain valuable leadership skills and experience whilst having an awesome time with friends in the great outdoors?

All of our adventures are organized and run by volunteer trip leaders which allows us to run a wide range of regular trips all around the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

What is a Trip Leader?

  • The backbone of the Club
  • Members with ideas and ambition

Trip Leaders facilitate the opportunity for Students & Staff to have fun, healthy, inclusive social adventures in and around the sunshine coast including Hiking, Kayaking, Climbing and Diving.

Creating a strong, well respected element of the university, able to provide skills, expertise and opportunities that attract people to USC

What you get:

  • University and externally based training & in-club support
  • Experience & Reference on your Resume
  • Build your Leadership Skills
  • No cost to you (free) on trips you run
  • Run pre-planned trips, or;
  • Freedom to run your own trips (do trips you've always wanted with a great bunch of people)


  • Current Full member of USC Activate
  • Current First Aid Certificate (we can help you arrange this qualification)
  • Current safe food prep cert (we can help you arrange this qualification)
  • Sense of Adventure

Roles & Responsibilities:

Trip-leaders managing events have final call on any decisions made during the event. Other trip leaders and experienced members have a duty to ensure that important information is shared with the managing TL and each other. The managing TL can then constantly assess the trip situation and if necessary change plans, retrain or halt the event. 

Responsibility for an event lies with all TLs and members, the role of the managing TL is to understand the overall situation of the event and as necessary make decisions with the full support of the team.

Trip-leaders must give a pre event talk. This needs full attention of everyone present and to be clear.


It needs to include (at Least), 

  • Risk assessment outline of main hazards/risks and their Management
  •  Introduce fellow TLs
  • Duty of Care as part of the TEAM
  • Expectations of attendees- Level/type of activity, full participation, mental attitude, Collect and dispose of litter.
  • Event outline with timing.

 TL’s need to bring a 1st aid kit to every trip and log any injuries or incidences.

Trip-leaders should debrief on events since last meeting. Be sure to share effective strategies and be aware of arising problems.

Other TL tasks

  • Generating ideas for new adventures and activities
  • Organizing Trips (Transport, Costs, Equipment, Food, Member Sign up, Etc.)
  • Safety, (taking all precautions to make the trip safe and following our risk assessments)
  • Attending and leading
  • Run minimum 5 trips per calendar year
We will help you every step of the way and provide training for all aspects of being a trip leader.
Please contact us on to get involved today!

Share the Adventure!

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